Michael grew up in a family immersed in story, superstition and folk belief in an area known as ‘The Macamores’, an old Gaelic stronghold stretching along the east coast of County Wexford. He completed his BA in Fine Art, specialising in video and performance, at Limerick School of Art in 1999 and his MA in Screenwriting at DLIADT in 2003.

Growing up in an environment steeped in folklore has awarded Michael a natural understanding of the crossover between traditional and contemporary beliefs and customs, and the fluid borders where fact and fiction meet. As a result he has been commissioned to undertake multiple folklore collections on film throughout Ireland over the past fifteen years, in rural and urban communities, with young and old. At the core of Michael’s recordings are people and his genuine connection and engagement results in uniquely rich and personal material. He has a special interest in the supernatural particularly surrounding May and Hallowe’en customs.  

Michael has pioneered the use of digital media in this area and has produced one of the most comprehensive collections of living folklore on film in Ireland to date. He continues to live in his native Wexford, at the foot of Mount Leinster, with his partner Aileen Lambert and their three young children in an environment where traditional song, story and customs are part of the fabric of his everyday family life.

In October 2016 ‘The Michael Fortune Folklore Collection’, a 21 DVD Box Set recorded between 2005 - 2016 will be launched in The National Library of Ireland in Dublin. The collection will be launched as part of a day long seminar entitled "Vizzards and Collicks" based around the Hallowe’en tradition in Ireland and will feature some of the country's leading authorities on


If you wish to find out more up-to-date information about the DVD launch or the ‘Vizzards and Collicks’ seminar in the National Library, please visit our Facebook, email thefolkloreproject@gmail.com or phone 087 6470247

The Folklore Collection of Michael Fortune      


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